Hello Rockland, Again

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Hello World! or rather,

Hello Rockland County, Again!

We launched NYRockland.com website in June 2015 to share garage sales and community events in Rockland. However, our website was not very user-friendly on small screens such as smartphones. Therefore, we spent some time redesigning the website to look great on all devices and also changed our address to RocklandPage.com.

As always, this website is FOR the residents of Rockland County ONLY, especially for those who love Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Moving Sales, Bazaars or Rummage Sales.

Remember that "one man's trash is another man's treasure", so don't forget to host a garage sale before thinking about trashing something that you no longer need

You can always announce your garage sales or find one here for free, as well as any community and town events. Later this year, we are also planning to add listings of local businesses and services. This new section will help support our local businesses and residents to find places and services within Rockland.

Please spread the words and share the love with other residents in Rockland County.
Finally, all comments and feedback are welcomed.
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